Lucas Jmieff - Landscape Photographer - Nelson, BC, Canada

The landscape is a constant subject for me. I am always searching for that elusive moment when nature and intuitive expression unite to form a living picture. ” - Lucas Jmieff

Photographer - Lucas Jmieff


Lucas Jmieff is the premiere landscape photographer of the West Kootenay region of BC, Canada, residing in the mountain town of Nelson. A self-taught maverick behind the lens, Lucas is best known for his iconic images of the Kootenay Landscape. Jmieff combines progressive camera techniques with the mountains, sky, water and trees to create spectacular works of art.

Jmieff’s preferred exhibit medium is the canvas gallery wrap. In this technique a UV coated, canvas giclee’ print is stretched onto a wooden frame, merging the quality of a photograph with the textured, 3D nature of a painting. Jmieff's stunning landscape photographs have made their way into private collections, galleries, businesses and cozy homes internationally. www.lucasimagephoto.ca

Kootenay GoodLife Publishing


Lucas and his wife Ginia founded Kootenay GoodLife Publishing in 2009 and began photographing, designing and distributing yearly outdoor adventure calendars featuring the Kootenay Landscape. The Kootenay Kalendars were a local hit with titles such as "Boots from the Koots" and "Off the Beaten Path".

In 2012 the dynamic duo had enough images to produce a coffee table book. Combining outdoor adventure with the beauty of the West Kootenay landscape, they titled their book "Kootenay Escapes" it was an instant hit! www.kgpublishing.ca



Right: Lucas and a 7' wide canvas panorama of Whitewater Winter Resort.

Below Right: Lucas and his hometown of Nelson, BC, Canada.


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